Far North Expressions

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The production time varies between seasons. November and December are our busiest months. 

Please contact us for an estimated production time.

We except, paypal or checks.

This all depends on the size and of course, the medium.

Store your lighted metal silhouette in a dry place when not in use as the lights could get damaged and the metal could rust.  Keep out of direct sunlight during the off-season to protect the rope-wire from fading and cracking from u.v. damage.

Yes, our lighted metal silhouettes come with a 1-year warrantee on the lights and a 2-year warrantee on the metal frame. 

Orders cannot be placed via our website. Please contact us directly to discuss your order.

Yes!  In fact, requests for creative and challenging one-of-a-kind orders are encouraged! Contact us with your ideas.

How does payment work?

Can my order be shipped?

How do I care for my lighted metal silhouette?

Do the lighted metal silhouettes come with a warranty

Can I order a custom, made-to-order creation?

What is the production time?

How do I place an order?